Hobart Waterfront

I am currently in Hobart, preparing to participate in a workshop tomorrow which is focused on household energy vulnerability. It is being run by Energy Consumers Australia and the focus is on developing effective tools to support consumers. Here is the spiel: ECA is running a series of workshops with stakeholders to develop practical, user […]

At Brahma Kumaris

As I prepare to write my annual post about the year that was, I can feel the mercury rising. It is predicted to be 39 degrees celsius today in Canberra.* In many ways this sense of anticipation is a bit like how my year unfolded. It started very gently and intensified as the year progressed. […]

1510, first drawing of the human brain by Leonardo Da Vinci

There have been many times over the past 18 months where I have thought to myself “what the hell am I doing” or “how did I get here”? Those moments have been daunting as well as opportunities for reflection. When I think to the different research and creative projects I have done over the years, […]

Big Banana Time Inc. 1995

Dr Tracey M Benson, April 2018 *Edited from article commissioned by Institute of Art and Ideas¬†(www.iai.tv) You are at the Eiffel Tower and want to get that perfect picture, a selfie with the tower in the background, just like the ones you see in the travel guides. But there is a problem. You find it […]

At Standalhytta © Tracey Benson || bytetime

Last Wednesday was a big day. It was my last day of teaching for the semester but also the end of my 20 year sessional journey. I have decided not to continue this kind of work with universities. This decision has not come lightly as it is not because I want to disengage from academic […]