At Standalhytta © Tracey Benson || bytetime

Last Wednesday was a big day. It was my last day of teaching for the semester but also the end of my 20 year sessional journey. I have decided not to continue this kind of work with universities. This decision has not come lightly as it is not because I want to disengage from academic […]

Documentation of ‘Trace drawing’ Berkana, Laguz (inverted), Teiwaz in Fuglafjørður, photograph by Martin Drury

The notion of ritual is one which brings together many different aspects to creative practice. It has the ability to weave in stories of place and genealogy as well as a way of formulating process. Ritual is about making things sacred. To honour a process, a connection, a place. This is the kind of ritual […]

At Standalhytta © Tracey Benson || bytetime

As mentioned in my earlier post Journey to Volda, I have come to this part of Norway to co-lead a residential workshop with the Volda University College’s new Masters of Media program. I was invited by Ana Sanchez-Laws one of the professors of the course. Ana used to be an academic at the University of […]

Rune stones from Sawtell

I am quite a bit slower with my year in review post, unlike last’s year post which I managed to publish before the end of 2015. If 2015 was a big year then 2016 was quite overwhelming – to the extent that I have been very low-key so far this year – with the exception […]

Screen shot of Ara Irititja website

Earlier in March,  I went to the Electronic Visualisation and the Arts conference at University of Canberra. There were some excellent papers, covering a range of research and practical examples of the use of data in the arts and humanities. I presented a short paper which touched on a number of case studies I have researched and engaged […]

Documentation "Words for Water Stage 4.2", Huatoki Plaza, SCANZ2015, New Plymouth © Tracey Benson 2015

As I sit quietly sipping my morning coffee, I am contemplating the year that has just blown past – 2015. Without doubt it was a big year, with lots of travel, projects and collaborations. Many of the projects I have worked on are also long-term and ongoing, so I am thinking that 2016 will also be […]

Documentation of "Finding the Ghosts of K Road" © Tracey Benson 2014

I have started to collect some resources about Augmented Reality tools and projects and thought the information was worth sharing. A great blog I came across is titled Engage Their Minds and has lots of tutorials for Aurasma and other information and guidance about using Augmented Reality. I have also been collaborating with a developer based […]