Documentation of ‘Trace drawing’ Berkana, Laguz (inverted), Teiwaz in Fuglafjørður, photograph by Martin Drury

The notion of ritual is one which brings together many different aspects to creative practice. It has the ability to weave in stories of place and genealogy as well as a way of formulating process. Ritual is about making things sacred. To honour a process, a connection, a place. This is the kind of ritual […]

Scalpland webpage - performance in 1995 and 1996. I often refer to this work

This post was originally posted on Geokult in 2011 – Background This performance based work was initially presented as part of course work for Postgraduate Diploma at the University of Queensland, Department of Art History Visiting Scholar program in 1995. It was later presented at Volt:the new performance at the Institute of Modern Art, […]

At the Hurum Gamle Kirke © Tracey M Benson 2017

Keywords migration, journeying, sustainability, augmented reality, place, ecology, art, identity Overview This presentation focuses on a project-in-progress titled Waters of the Past. The project has emerged from residencies in the Faroe Islands, Iceland, New Zealand and Norway in 2016-17. Waters of the Past explores the iconography of the sea and natural environment as a juxtaposition […]

*Ignite* logo

In February 2018, I will be working with Josiah Jordan and Lee Joachim to present the very first *Ignite* workshop in Shepparton at the Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative RAC. This is very exciting for me as it brings together many threads in my life – media arts, education, sustainability behaviour change and love of Country. The […]

At the Hurum Gamle Kirke © Tracey M Benson 2017

Today I ventured back to Klockkarstua, where my family is recorded in the parish book of the old Hurum church. I also went because there is a Culture House and artist studios across the road and they have asked me to show my “Journey of the Ancients” work at a weekend of talks, music and […]

Journey to Urke © Tracey M Benson

At the moment we are traveling with Hurtgruten on the MS Vesterålen from Bergen to Tromsø. For me this is a very exciting part of my time in Norway, as it is both a holiday and a chance to explore some of the west coast of this magnificent country. The MS Vesterålen is named after […]

Old river house at Drammenselva © Tracey M Benson

As part of my artist residency in Drammen I have been exploring ideas related to place, migration and genealogy. The overall project Waters of the Past has been the frame to explore these themes as well as a means to open up to a deeper understanding of place and finding my connections to it. The […]