Current projects

Recent projects

  • Artist intervention for Long Time No See? , Kochi December 2014, Canberra 2015
  • SCANZ2015 Water*Peace, January 2015
  • Kochi AR Sustainability Journey, December 2014
  • Finding Ghosts, Canberra Contemporary Art space, December 2014
  • Words for Water, Photoaccess October 2014
  • Cultural Strangers, Turkish Embassy Canberra, October 2014
  • Ghosts of K Road, ADA Mesh Cities, Auckland September 2014
  • Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2014
  • Walks of Absent Memory, ADA MESH Cities, Dunedin 2013
  • Words for Water is an ongoing cross-media project, initiated by Tracey Benson in 2013
  • Finding Balance: Mura Gadi is the title of an exhibition but Tracey Benson at Belconnen Art Centre in 2013. The work has been developed from a series of walks in the Australian Capital Territory and southern New South Wales.
  • SCANZ2013 was a residency, symposium and exhibition in the Taranaki region of New Zealand.
  • Cultural Strangers explores the many layers of  Turkish history and culture from the perspective of a traveler and cultural observer. This project started development before the trip to Turkey in Sept-Oct 2011, by way of research into a number of social and environmental aspects of some the locations on our journey. This project was the foundation of an artist residency at Babayan Culture House in Ibrahimpaşa, a small village in the Cappdocia region of Turkey.


Tracey is also working on other projects including Remote Connections, which focuses on working collaboratively with remote Indigenous communities in Australia to co-design web based tools for flexible delivery, and a long standing blog Mediakult which focuses on media arts, theory and cultures.

You can find her Facebook pages at and

While you are on Facebook, you can also find Tracey and Marty’s geokult page at

Some of Tracey’s archived projects can be seen at Tracey’s Treasure Trove.

The publication for Cowgrrls is listed on Trove.

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