With an interest in ubiquitous technologies and active audience participation,  my work is focused on ecological balance, awareness and wellbeing.

Featured project

Forming a portal between Yarun (Bribie Island) and Whangarei, this mixed media work combines projection mapped footage of the island with dyed up-cycled fabrics (using plant matter and water found on Yarun). The work is continuously evolving through trans-Tasman dialogue as it sits in its Whangarei location. A collaboration with Plant Lab 22 (Ahwiworld).

Recent projects

Art not Apart Festival 2020

After the Fires

Ketes (2019)

The Silence: Puanga

Rune cast to the seas (2016)

Waters of the Past

Ignite*Energy workshop (2019)


The Ghosts of K-Road (2014)

Finding ghosts

Estuarine Flows (2008)



From Nordic Lights – Nordic5 Arts USA (2020)

Video Art

Cultural Strangers, Cappadocia (2011)


From Big Banana Time Inc. (1997)

Gif animations

The call – with Kate Genevieve (2017)


Augmenting the River

Augmented Reality

Treecreative at Ginninderry (2021)

Walking projects

Want to create something with me?

Some of Tracey’s archived projects can be seen at Tracey’s Treasure Trove.

The publication for Cowgrrls is listed on Trove.

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