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My name is Tracey Benson and I am an Australian based media artist, writer and researcher.

As an artist I am interested in the fragility of the landscape we take for granted in our everyday lives and our part within in it. Through our 21c lifestyles we are having a significant impact on the natural world around us. By an acknowledgement of the land, of history and memory, I seek to bring a mindfulness to how we view and inhabit the natural world on many levels.

The material objects that I create are often generic, constructed simply and easily transportable. It is this idea of ‘transportable’ objects that triggered my interest in creating Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) elements in exhibitions and publications. I am interested in using ubiquitous technologies to create the source material I use in my work. For example, the majority of my videos and photographs are taken with my Galaxy 7, with minimal enhancements.

I enjoy working in collaboration with like-minded artists and have co-produced many events in Australia and internationally.

My intention as an artist is to explore how we can be more awake and aware of our own footsteps. By acknowledging the past we can learn and move into the future with intent and respect.


Tracey M Benson is an artist and researcher based in Canberra, Australia. With an interest in ubiquitous technologies, user research and active audience participation, her work is focused on ecological balance, awareness and wellbeing.
She explores a range of media including walking, video, online, open data, photography and augmented reality, often collaborating with cultural owners and guides – working with Indigenous communities, historians and scientists.
Her work has featured in many international and national media festivals since 1996. Tracey is currently an adjunct researcher at the Institute of Applied Ecology and Centre for Creative and Cultural Research at University of Canberra and visiting researcher at the More than Human Lab at Victoria University, Wellington, NZ.
Her most recent work has been featured as part of the UK based Urban Tree Festival


You can support Tracey’s valuable interdisciplinary research on Patreon.

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Curriculum Vitæ

Professional profile

I have had leadership roles in a number of community-based artistic/cultural organisations:

Documentation of ‘Trace drawing’ Berkana, Laguz (inverted), Teiwaz in Fuglafjørður, photograph by Martin Drury
Documentation of ‘Trace drawing’ Berkana, Laguz (inverted), Teiwaz in Fuglafjørður, photograph by Martin Drury 2016

A perpetual student, I am currently undertaking a Research Masters of Applied Science in energy efficiency and sustainability behaviour  change. I hold a PhD in New Media Arts and Technology from the Australian National University and a Research Masters in Creative Industries from Queensland University of Technology.

Just to bring it all together, I also run bytetime, a small company specialising in arts education, emerging media, behavioural insights, strategic communications and community engagement.

Travel is one of my great passions and I write about my travel adventures at www.geokult.tours with my partner and collaborator Martin Drury.

You can contact me about consultancies, speaking gigs and workshops.


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