For over 15 years I worked at the executive level in the Australian Public Service as a communications strategist, ICT project and program manager. Program management experience has focused on environmental research and sustainable behaviour change programs.

At the moment I am working with the Digital Strategy and Transformation area of ACT Education as a Behavioural Insights Adviser.

I have been working with digital media as an artist since 1996 and have significant experience lecturing in web design, video, graphic design, interactive design and digital media theory. More recent teaching at university includes media cultures and cross-media production.

My creative work incorporates augmented and virtual reality experiences which explore storytelling about nature, ancestry and the elements. I often collaborate with cultural owners and guides: working with Indigenous communities, scientists, historians and technologists. Community and audience engagement are key areas of focus and this is echoed in all of my work across government, with community and in the university sector.

I have had leadership roles in a number of community-based organisations:

A perpetual student, I am currently undertaking a Research Masters of Applied Science in energy efficiency and sustainability behaviour  change. I hold a PhD in New Media Arts and Technology from the Australian National University and a Research Masters in Creative Industries from Queensland University of Technology.

Just to bring it all together, I also run bytetime, a small company specialising in arts education, emerging media, behavioural insights, strategic communications and community engagement.

Travel is one of my great passions and I write about my travel adventures at with my partner and collaborator Martin Drury.

You can contact me about consultancies, speaking gigs and workshops.


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