Artwork from Earth to Sky

In less than two weeks I will be winging my way home after nearly three months of being based in Norway doing an artist-residency at Drammen Kommune. Yesterday and today were big days – I gave a presentation in the form of a meditation at the Kulturhuset Hovtun in Klokkarstua and today another presentation at […]

How can we create fresh unions of myth, art and science in relationship with the earth and the stars in 2017? We invite you to journey outside conventional science and received Western wisdom to explore other forms of communication with the earth system that we are a part of. On the 15th September we are […]

Rune stones from Sawtell

I am quite a bit slower with my year in review post, unlike last’s year post which I managed to publish before the end of 2015. If 2015 was a big year then 2016 was quite overwhelming – to the extent that I have been very low-key so far this year – with the exception […]

We are very excited to announce that one long-term project has finally come to fruition. The Billabong Aboriginal Development Corporation is based in Canberra and have a diverse range of projects and programs to support skills development,  industry and culture. The website features some beautiful artwork, which will be promoted on the site in its […]

Aotearoa Wai: Aura Image

I am really excited to announce the next stage of the Words for Water project – Waters of the Past. This is a two-part project, set in Scandinavia – the Faroe Islands and Iceland, where I will be undertaking residencies in June and July. I am seeking some financial support via crowdfunding, as there is […]

Screen shot of Ara Irititja website

Earlier in March,  I went to the Electronic Visualisation and the Arts conference at University of Canberra. There were some excellent papers, covering a range of research and practical examples of the use of data in the arts and humanities. I presented a short paper which touched on a number of case studies I have researched and engaged […]

Documentation "Words for Water Stage 4.2", Huatoki Plaza, SCANZ2015, New Plymouth © Tracey Benson 2015

As I sit quietly sipping my morning coffee, I am contemplating the year that has just blown past – 2015. Without doubt it was a big year, with lots of travel, projects and collaborations. Many of the projects I have worked on are also long-term and ongoing, so I am thinking that 2016 will also be […]