At Brahma Kumaris

As I prepare to write my annual post about the year that was, I can feel the mercury rising. It is predicted to be 39 degrees celsius today in Canberra.* In many ways this sense of anticipation is a bit like how my year unfolded. It started very gently and intensified as the year progressed. […]

Jamtli, The Ă–verhogdal Tapestries,

Most people who read my blog know that I love symbols and ancient knowledge and that I am also quite obsessed by how different kinds of ancient knowledge informs our understanding of the world. Examples of projects include my obsession with the Wyrd symbol as well as collaborative works, in particular Exchanging breath : Way […]

Photograph of Kate Vega and Tracey Benson at Crawick Multiverse, September 15, 2017. Photograph by Gian Pietro.

In recent months I have often been asked about the meaning of the Wyrd symbol which has been part of a number of workshops, artworks and events. This is a very powerful symbol which represents many, many things. I was initially drawn to it as it looked like a weaving, a meshing – something which […]

How can we create fresh unions of myth, art and science in relationship with the earth and the stars in 2017? We invite you to journey outside conventional science and received Western wisdom to explore other forms of communication with the earth system that we are a part of. On the 15th September we are […]