Journals, Newspapers and Curatorial Statements

28 January 2015 Susan Frykberg: SCANZ 2015, Radio New Zealand, originally aired on Upbeat: “Sound Artist previews Taranaki’s SCANZ 2015: Water and Peace symposium. The soundtrack featured in this interview is by Vudukhild (aka Lukas Benson-Whittaker) and is part of the Words for Water project by Australian artist Tracey Benson”.


5 December 2014 Finding Ghosts by David Broker, Curatorial Statement for Canberra Contemporary Art Space

6 December 2014 Capital Life, The Canberra Times, by Sally Pryor

12 December 2014 Walk the tech, The New Indian Express, by Ebin Gheevarghese

15 December 2013 This week in the Can, Her Canberra

21 December 2014 AdaCamp Bangalore: “Nothing could be more open and encouraging than this” The Ada Initiative


Riddell, A. “Creative Electronic Community” Realtime Arts #89

Mousepad Masterpiece by David Rootes Colorado Springs, Independent (Art break 26/10/00)

Click Art by Mark Arnest Colorado Springs Gazette

Realtime #38 ‘Working the screen’ p.4

Bartlem, E ‘Topographies’ Eyeline Number 43 Spring 2000 p.46

Woodrow, I ‘Web selves
Realtime@ MAAP99 and the Asia Pacific Triennial

Hooper, G ‘It’s the fridge calling
Realtime@MAAP99 and the Asia Pacific Triennial

Carroli, L ‘I want to believe‘ Realtime@MAAP99 and the Asia Pacific Triennial

Realtime # 32 ‘Working the Screen‘ p. 8

Krauth, K ‘Net hopes’
Realtime #30 April 1999 p.15 #21 ‘Progeny’ April 1999

Smith, S ‘Volt shows less than electrifying’
The Courier Mail 19/9/98

Anderson, P ‘Some food for thought’
The Courier Mail 3/6/98

Carroli, L ‘Threadbare with flair in the ’90s’
Artlink Summer 1997 p.28

GEEKGIRL #12 The Travel Bug

Parley #1

objects\mycountry\KimMiller.htm by Kim Miller MESH#11 “Altered States”

Unknown ‘Playful popart focus on ‘big’ picture’
Campus Review September 3-9, 1997 p.14

Carbon, D ‘Thinking big about art’
The Courier Mail 16 September 1997, (Headstart) p.2

Unknown ‘Tracey’s Big-time tourist target’
Sunshine Coast Daily (February 4, 1997) p.4

Jackson, B ‘Take it to the limit: Volt – the Brisbane festival’ Eyeline (Summer 1996) p.7-8

Parker, P. ‘Sharp Lines’ Eyeline (Summer 1996) p.38-39

Carroli, Linda ‘Tolerance: Who for? What for?’ Eyeline (Spring 1995) p.28

Unknown. ‘Artistic Perceptions’ Northside Chronicle 14/9/94

Unknown. ‘Redefining Boundaries’ Queensland Pride 1/9/94

Unknown. ‘Artistically Speaking’ Northside Chronicle 9/2/94

Davidson, S ‘Artist lays claim to Irish Tribal Ancestry in Exhibit’, The Weekend Independent 12/11/93

Online only

The Digital Body by Denna Jones

Digital Arrives . . . Bit by Bit by J.D. Jarvis
Dunking birds productions

Radio and Television

Artsound FM (Interview with Richard Scherer) 16/10/14

2xxfm (Interview with Kathryn Roberts) 26/8/02

4ZZZ (Interview with David Broker) 4/5/97

4AAA (Kay Francis interviewed for the 1997 Fringe Festival) 30/4/97

EXTRA (CH. 9), 22/9/94

4ZZZ (Radio Interview), Megahers, (Interview with Heather Anderson) 11/9/94

Citations – Texts

The Net Art Guide
Fraunhofer, Electronic Business Innovationszentrum:Stuttgart

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