As part of the recent Soundwalk September festival I curated and chaired a discussion focused on the themes of weaving place, deep listening and the Sacred.
The Guests included Jo Tito (NZ), Dr Leah Barclay (AU), Dr Michelle Maloney (AU) and Dr Ruth Irwin (AU/NZ) on 21 September 2020.

The event was hosted by The Valley Centre and the Australian Earth Laws Alliance. The Valley Centre President, Tracey Cooper introduced the panel guests and the theme of the conversation.

Here is the promo:

In this panel, we will explore the relationship of place, connection, walking the land and deep listening, from a range of perspectives, knowledges and disciplines, including: First Nations, Law/Governance, Art, Philosophy, Māori cosmologies and Western Science.

With representatives from Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia, the discussion will focus on exploring themes of place and nature  – touching on the concepts of Dadirri (Miriam Rose Ungunmerr), Robin Wall Kimmerer‘s Braiding Sweetgrass and Basarab Nicolescu‘s exploration of the Sacred as starting points for considering human relationships with the world around us.

The discussion will be free ranging, moving from eco-dyeing and weaving and the significance of plants, to First Nations perspectives on policy, the rights of nature and non-human sentience, to deep listening and eco-acoustics, climate change and philosophy and finally the role of collaboration and co-creation as mitigators of change and awareness.

It was a wonderful conversation with a far ranging discussion about our each of the guests connect with the themes in their work.
Here is the video recording of the event:

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