The past couple of weeks have been potent with journeying to Chartres, Paris and then Yorkshire. There have been several themes which have emerged almost serendipitously during our time in France and the UK which I will touch on here and perhaps expand at a later date.

We visited two sites which are said to be places where Ley Lines converge – Chartres in France and Rudston in the UK. Both places are very beautiful and rich with stories spanning across many thousands of years.

This article on BBC website looks at how Ley Lines have inspired another artist, bones tan jones to explore this phenomenon in the context of the English countryside. There are a few articles online about the Ley Lines going through Rudston, including this one from the website. There are 5 Ley Lines that connect at Rudston and – here is an image of the UK and its Ley Lines – check out number 3.

From blog post:

The above map is from the Sage Advice blog post: There are many maps online which explore leylines.

Planetary Grid as often seen in different online-articles. Located at

The above image is the Planetary Grid as often seen in different online-articles. Located at

The monolith at Rudston has been there for over 5,000 years and has long been a place of pilgrimage. What an amazing coincidence that there are some of my Emmerson ancestors buried in the graveyard. I think there is a lot more to learn about this part of the world and its ancestral meanings…

A text titled Unraveling the Mystery of the Earth Force and Geodetic Code by Don and Diane Wells in 2019, explores the impact of Ley Lines and Geodetic Codes. This includes how energy affects plants and trees situated in certain alignments to these places. Chartres is mentioned as one of these sites of convergence, and its pre Christian history as a sacred site to the Druids is well documented.

I remember a vision I had when I was in Norway in 2017, connecting with people from around the world to focus on healing the waters. The vision was of golden threads of light connects places across the earth. Now this vision resonates even more after having spent time in some of these places of power and energetic convergence. These experiences are not something easily explained by science or even articulated into words – they are deeply sensed and profound.

What does all this mean? I am not sure, but I am certain that being open to these experiences is guiding me to sense more deeply a connection to the earth and its mysteries.

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