How can we create fresh unions of myth, art and science in relationship with the earth and the stars in 2017? We invite you to journey outside conventional science and received Western wisdom to explore other forms of communication with the earth system that we are a part of.

On the 15th September we are connecting across the waters with a shared intent for an expansion of understanding between humans and the land at this time. Animals are guided by the earth’s flows: whale and dolphins “echo-locate” underwater, bats use sound for aerial navigation. Can we open our senses and attune ourselves to feel again the information coming from the earth’s living system?

After meeting at Balance Unbalance in August, and following on from SCANZ Canberra with Loving Waters  we are calling a ritual of connectivity weaving between many spaces, places and cultures.

Awakening our ancestral story and participating in a connective life-giving story wherever we are on the planet.

Project concept by Katharine Vega (Chroma Space).


Crawick Multiverse – Scotland
Inspired by the kava ceremony Katharine Vega and Tracey Benson will cast the circle in Scotland. Sharing stories, runes and song and the beginning of a listening station that links the earth and stars.

Quandamooka (Moreton Bay) – Australia
Sandy Sur will perform a ceremony at the bay.

Whangara – Aotearoa New Zealand
Jo Tito will connect through the waters.

Byron Bay – Australia
Liz Barker will be making creek prints as a prayer of healing.

Tommy Dick will lead a cava ceremony.

Buskerud – Norway
Hege Braathen and Tyr Neilson will cast the runes.

Lenapehoking (Delaware) – USA
Dåkot-ta Alcantara-camacho and Jack Gray from I-Moving Lab will be holding ceremony – sharing intention.

Alice Springs – Australia
Dian Booth will mark the moment with sound.

More information:
Blog post at TransArts Alliance

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