Today I headed to Tønsberg to check out the Viking Market. What started out as a very wet and rainy day turned into a beautiful warm and sunny afternoon. Tønsberg is about 45 minutes by train from Drammen and with all train trips in Norway, the scenery along the route was gorgeous – lush and green. There has been a lot of rain over summer so everything is fertile, verdant and the earth is soft and spongy underfoot.

The market was well worth the visit as there were a number of Viking ships in the harbour as well as one being built onsite. The beautiful carving are all a labour of love – handcrafted with love and patience.

There is also a full size replica of the Oseberg Ship housed at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. Here is a video of the replica being launched.

It was so wonderful to see these ships and the how much they are loved. The market was great and I lightened my wallet (again). Along the way I took some photos of the day.

I think this is the last market for the season in Norway as the weather will start to get colder. I have loved going to these markets and will always have a special place in my heart for the day at Lilliestrøm where I dressed as a Viking and wandered around barefoot. ❤

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