Documentation of ‘Trace drawing’ Berkana, Laguz (inverted), Teiwaz in Fuglafjørður, photograph by Martin Drury

The notion of ritual is one which brings together many different aspects to creative practice. It has the ability to weave in stories of place and genealogy as well as a way of formulating process. Ritual is about making things sacred. To honour a process, a connection, a place. This is the kind of ritual […]

Runes for the Drammenselva © Tracey M Benson

Saturday was the first time I had seen the Pacific ocean for a while. I always feel a return to centre, a sense of humility and awe when I gaze out on to that immense blue. It was the first body of water that I remember swimming in, though somewhat further north, and over the […]

At the Hurum Gamle Kirke © Tracey M Benson 2017

Keywords migration, journeying, sustainability, augmented reality, place, ecology, art, identity Overview This presentation focuses on a project-in-progress titled Waters of the Past. The project has emerged from residencies in the Faroe Islands, Iceland, New Zealand and Norway in 2016-17. Waters of the Past explores the iconography of the sea and natural environment as a juxtaposition […]

Jamtli, The Överhogdal Tapestries,

Most people who read my blog know that I love symbols and ancient knowledge and that I am also quite obsessed by how different kinds of ancient knowledge informs our understanding of the world. Examples of projects include my obsession with the Wyrd symbol as well as collaborative works, in particular Exchanging breath : Way […]

Photograph of Kate Vega and Tracey Benson at Crawick Multiverse, September 15, 2017. Photograph by Gian Pietro.

In recent months I have often been asked about the meaning of the Wyrd symbol which has been part of a number of workshops, artworks and events. This is a very powerful symbol which represents many, many things. I was initially drawn to it as it looked like a weaving, a meshing – something which […]

How can we create fresh unions of myth, art and science in relationship with the earth and the stars in 2017? We invite you to journey outside conventional science and received Western wisdom to explore other forms of communication with the earth system that we are a part of. On the 15th September we are […]

Old river house at Drammenselva © Tracey M Benson

After a few days of screen work, writing and research, I really needed to connect with the river. It was a good time to start collecting some sticks and stones for rune making. I also made friends with this beautiful tree. I also noticed many different kinds of mushrooms – didn’t dare to try […]