As part of my artist residency in Drammen I have been exploring ideas related to place, migration and genealogy. The overall project Waters of the Past has been the frame to explore these themes as well as a means to open up to a deeper understanding of place and finding my connections to it.

The work that is emerging is taking a number of forms. There is a series of photographs using both a standard camera and a 360 camera, and some of this work will be exhibited at the Drammen Library in October. My other body of work is more experimental in regards to materials. I have been experimenting with local plants for eco dyeing with some interesting results – which I will share at a later date.

The overall theme of the work is ‘From Earth to Sky’ and the focus is on trees – as metaphors for family, community and connectedness. Here are some images to give you a flavour of the work in development.

Josiah and I are also hoping to have the beginnings of something in VR featuring some of the 360 camera footage and the DNA music.

More details on the Drammen exhibition soon.

2 thoughts

  1. Very interested in your use of natural materials and new technology such as virtual reality in this project, all the best with residency .

    1. Thanks George – it is a strange thing that the more I venture into playing with new technologies the more I am also drawn back to nature and more ancient ways of making. Appreciate your comment 🙂

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