Documentation of "Finding the Ghosts of K Road" © Tracey Benson 2014

I have started to collect some resources about Augmented Reality tools and projects and thought the information was worth sharing. A great blog I came across is titled Engage Their Minds and has lots of tutorials for Aurasma and other information and guidance about using Augmented Reality. I have also been collaborating with a developer based […]

Documentation of "Finding the Ghosts of K Road" © Tracey Benson 2014

Well, very happy to say I have presented my work today and I think it went really well, thanks to the great tour guide Edward Bennett and the participants, who took the time to get out into a wet Auckland afternoon to discover some of the lost moments of K Road. Here are some images […]

Words for water explores a diversity of languages, including Indigenous Australian languages as a starting point to evoke a connection to water as the sustaining element of all life. Indigenous cultures have an acute understanding and connection to the relationship between body, environment (site) and identity and this project seeks to awaken this connection more […]

Tracey Benson Manager, Online Strategy and Analysis Information Exchange Team, Energy Division, Department of Industry A PDF version of this summary is also available. Overview I was invited to speak on a panel at the Knowledge Management (KM) Australia Congress in Sydney 22-23 July. The panel was focused on KM across organisational functions and chaired […]

Geokult is an ongoing collaboration with cartographer/photographer Martin Drury. The project was initiated in 2011 prior to a journey to Turkey, where we did an artist residency at Babayan Culture House in Ibrahimpaşa, a small village in the Cappdocia region. The blog explores our mutual interests in travel, cartography, cultural and historical geography, sustainability and technology. Since […]

This post could also be called Cross-media schizophrenia: managing multiple channels online. Why, you may well ask? Since the advent of Web2.0, I have been an avid collector of channels, it started with designing a blog, creating a delicious library, creating profiles on twitter, scribd, flickr, identica, slideshare, instagram, pinterest, facebook and the list goes on… Now I have multiple blogs, a number of Facebook […]

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The Remote Connections ( blog is temporarily on hold. To keep up with the project, head over to Facebook You can also check out related blog posts at the blog. This editorial decision has been made to streamline Tracey’s publishing activities. If you are interested in Tracey’s posts on…