Geokult is an ongoing collaboration with cartographer/photographer Martin Drury. The project was initiated in 2011 prior to a journey to Turkey, where we did an artist residency at Babayan Culture House in Ibrahimpaşa, a small village in the Cappdocia region. The blog explores our mutual interests in travel, cartography, cultural and historical geography, sustainability and technology.

Since that initial journey, we have travelled to Indonesia, Croatia, France and many places within Australia, documenting our travels, creating maps and images.

Here is a photo taken at Babayan Culture House.

View from the terrace: Babayan Culture House
View from the terrace: Babayan Culture House

As mentioned, human geography, history, cultural ritual, story-telling and notions of place are explored as themes in the project and we will be having an exhibition of some our photographic work later this year at the Turkish Embassy in Canberra, Australia.

Martin has published a number of technical posts that relate to his cartographic discipline and these posts are consistently the most popular on the site. You might find them interesting too:

We are now discussing where our next adventure will be, perhaps a bush walk this weekend 🙂

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