Tracey’s latest post on Geokult Travel – reflecting on sea journeys on the beautiful Johanna TG 326

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The Johanna with sails up (Photo by Ingi Sorensøn The Johanna with sails up (Photo: Ingi Sorensøn

This post is a dedication to the lovely Johanna TG326, our main mode of transport when we were in the Faroe Islands on a residency with The Clipperton Project.

Johanna under Sail Johanna under sail (Photo: Martin Drury)

Johanna was built in Rye, Sussex in the South of England in 1884 at the famous shipyard owned by James Collins Hoad. Johanna was initially named Oxfordshire, with the first owner being John William Haylock from Dulwick in Surrey.

Shackle from the Johanna Shackle from the Johanna (Photo: Martin Drury)

In October 1894 Grimsby shipownder Greorg Edv. James Moody bought the Oxfordshire, though sold it December 1894 to Jákup Dahl, a general merchant in Vágur in the southern most island of the Faroes, Sudaroy. It was the first sloop owned by Dahl, who later established the company A/S J. Dahl and purchasing several sloops and schooners over the…

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  1. I’ve learned a few things about our common ancestor Anton Benson (my great grandfather) thank you for publishing the information. I knew his name was anglisized but didn’t know from what name. Were you ever able to make any contact with any of his relatives in Norway? I’d love to know a little more about Johanna Wurst for instance how did Spanish find its origins with the German line? Kind regards Deb

    1. Hi Deb, nice to hear from you! I am uncertain about the Spanish line myself. My uncle thinks it may have been Basque. When I looked on Ancestry, I can’t seem to trace that line back unfortunately. I would love to learn of any stories you might have about this Spanish line. There is also a link to Hungary through the Wurst line back in the 1700s which I would like to investigate!

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