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The Johanna with sails up (Photo: Ingi Sorensøn https://youpic.com/photographer/Ingis/) This post is a dedication to the lovely Johanna TG326, our main mode of transport when we were in the Faroe Islands on a residency with The Clipperton Project. Johanna under sail (Photo: Martin Drury) History Johanna was built in Rye,…

Photograph from http://www.guitarparty.com/en/artist/eivor-palsdottir/

The last couple of days have been fairly quiet with the exception of getting together with at the SIM residency artists at the Seljavegur residence in downtown Reykjavik. Seljavegur has many more studios and residency apartments than Korpúlfsstaðir, and our group comes from all over the place – USA, UK, Northern Ireland, Netherlands and Sweden. I […]

Documentation of ‘Trace drawing’ Inguz, Inguz, Eihwaz in Mikladalur, photograph by Tracey Benson

Here are the last couple of days worth of Rune drawings from Fuglafjørður, Klaksvik and Mikladalur. I am finding this project to be a lot of fun so far, as I seek out interesting and meaningful places to ‘leave a trace’. What is also really cool is that I have also inspired one of the […]

Faroese stamps - the Norns 2006

The other day the Clipperton Project gang was very fortunate to meet local blogger and educator Birgir Kruse and cultural researcher Tóta Arnadottir. Birgir talked to us about Faroese culture and history with a focus on the language and historic ties to Denmark, WW11 connections to Britton and linguistic context to old Norse and Gaelic. Tóta’s […]

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Yesterday we caught the ferry from Sørvágur on Vágar to Mykines – the most westerly island in the Faroes. Mykines is a beautiful place, famous for its Puffin population and beautiful cottages with grass roofs. The other thing Mykines is well-known for is the unpredictability of its weather, which affects…

Norse cosmology from http://www.valkyrietower.com/freyja.html

For some reason my brain is buzzing this morning. We are a few days into the residency/journey with The Clipperton Project and I am thinking about the many different ways we experience and understand the world. The other night the participants all got together and we had sort of an ‘induction’ with the group leaders. […]

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Yesterday the TCP crew went on a bit of an adventure to Kirkjubøur, a historic village located on the southern point of Streymoy Island. Kirkjubøur village is considered the Faroes most important historical site and has a number of ruins dating back to the 1100s. Kirkjubøargarður (Faroese for Yard of…