Really excited to be a part of this exhibition where some of my video works will be presented. From the Facebook event page:

“Nordic Light” exhibition of paintings, prints, photographs, textiles, video art, and sculptures in ceramic and stone.
Members of Nordic Five Arts—Tracey Benson, Colette Crutcher, Ulla De Larios, Olivia Eielson, Ellen Faris, Pam Fingado, Marc Ellen Hamel, Charlotta Hauksdottir, Maj-Britt Hilstrom, Debra Jewell, Karen Olsen, Pernilla Persson, Diane Rusnak, Helene Sobol, Barbara Stevens Strauss, Helena Tiainen, Jenny Wantuch, and Lee Williams.

Poster for Nordic Light exhibition in San Franscisco
Poster for Nordic Light exhibition in San Franscisco

About Nordic 5 Arts:

Nordic 5 Arts is a group of professional artists born in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and American artists of Scandinavian descent. Connections to that heritage are expressed in their work through a deep feeling for landscape, a bond with the cycles of nature, and a spare and elegant design sense. In this exhibition they explore the theme of Nordic Light. Painter Helena Tiainen says: “My spirit is particularly drawn to the long days and magical nights of the Midsummer time, Juhannus in Finland. During this time of the year, birds sing all night long … The sun never sets, it only dips right below the horizon and the nocturnal twilight lasts a very long while.”

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