Since returning from the Nordic lands, I have found that the symbolism of the runes is becoming more of a feature of some of the work I am developing. A number of ‘rune releases’ have happened – one in Sawtell last October and another one recently happened at SCANZ Ocean*Energy residency in Mahia,  Aotearoa. At SCANZ, I collaborated  with Māori artist Terangi Roimata Kutia-Tataurangi. We made some runes and released them to the ocean, as Terangi recited a karakia (a prayer). We also played with the soldering iron to do some pyrography.

Although larger works are currently in development, I thought I would share some of the runes that have been made over the past few months. Some of these runes will be incorporated into a forthcoming exhibition at Belconnen Art Centre and as part of my ongoing collaboration is Aishling Muller. I also look forward to developing my collaboration with Terangi Roimata ❤


I have added in one of the video works that Aishling and I made last year.

There are some more detailed posts coming about SCANZ and the amazing residency at Mahia.

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