Invitation to exhibition "Changing Tides"
Invitation to exhibition “Changing Tides”

Just to keep things interesting, I am having a show of recent work at the Arts Lounge at Belconnen Arts Centre this month. The exhibition is the first from my Waters of the Past project and explores a number of coastal landscapes in diverse places: Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Sawtell in NSW and Te Mahia in Aotearoa.

The exhibition has several components. There is a 1/2 hour meditation video which runs on a loop. In the gallery there are also 18 canvases and a display of some of my rune pieces. The canvases are all linked together using Augmented Reality (AR) to reveal video slices of the longer work, which is triggered by the image. Although the runes will not be for sale, you can buy the canvas works which are editioned.

You can also activate the AR element by following the Words4Water channel on Aurasma and using your hand-held device to scan the images below.

Once the exhibition is opened, I will share some documentation of the exhibition. Here is my artist statement:

Changing Tides: Waters of the Past uses a range of media including photography, video and augmented reality. It is the latest chapter in an ongoing project about the connections between water, humanity and culture – Words for Water. In this exhibition the iconography of the sea and natural environment is layered with runic symbols. These symbols represent a culture, land and language lost, acting as a ‘proxy’ for ancestral links to the old country.

Come and join me Friday night for the opening if you are in CBR.

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