Menindee Lakes 2019 by Tracey M Benson

This year I have started a new series of works exploring the inland lakes and rivers of the Murray Darling Basin (MDB), building on the Words for Water project. As an ACF River Fellow and River Ambassador, I have learnt a lot from other Fellows from around the MBD about the many challenges the rivers […]

Words for Water: Mary, Stage 5

Description 9 Rivers is a collaborative project focusing on the importance of rivers. The project team comprises Anne-Britt Rage (NO), Anneke von der Fehr (NO), Josiah Jordan (NZ) and Tracey Benson (AU). The artists explore a range of media including photography, video, performance as well as augmented and virtual reality. It is the latest chapter […]

My most recent works are on display at the CSIRO Discovery Centre until 2 March 2018. For international followers CSIRO means “Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.” The exhibition, Ancient Journeys: Waters of the Past expands on the Waters of the Past project and the bigger Words for Water project. I am having a closing […]

At the Hurum Gamle Kirke © Tracey M Benson 2017

Keywords migration, journeying, sustainability, augmented reality, place, ecology, art, identity Overview This presentation focuses on a project-in-progress titled Waters of the Past. The project has emerged from residencies in the Faroe Islands, Iceland, New Zealand and Norway in 2016-17. Waters of the Past explores the iconography of the sea and natural environment as a juxtaposition […]

It has been a couple of days since I arrived in Drammen to take up my post as the artist-in-residence for the Drammen Kommune at the Union Live Centre. The residency is managed as part of the arts and culture program delivered by the Drammen city council, which is part of the Buskerud region. For the […]

Some work from Words for Water is going to be presented at PondyPHOTO 2016 in Pondicherry, India as part of a paper by Maya Kóvskaya titled Learning to Drown in the Anthropocene: Climate Change and Cultural Change, Photography, Public Art and the Politics of Water. It is fantastic to be a part of this exciting program […]

Drammen - detail from map - Denmark, S.Norway, Scale: 1 : 1774080, Letts, Son & Co 1883 (David Ramsey Map Collection)

Waters of the Past is the title of a chapter of the Words for Water project initiated in 2016. The project is focused on creative research and exploration through a journey to the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Norway. The journeys are part of three artist residencies – one with the Clipperton Project, the Association of Icelandic […]