Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, as artists we have to think about getting our art out in different ways, mostly online or virtual. With my love of online environments, perhaps I have been gearing up for the age of virtual art for many years 🙂

At the Link Art Space at Ginninderry, the gallery has transitioned to an online platform and the following is information about their first “Virtual Link Exhibition” – featuring my recent work. Here is the link: https://ginninderry.com/gallery/the-rivers-edge/

“The River’s Edge” is a series of work by media artist Tracey M Benson. It builds on the ongoing project “Words for Water” initiated in 2013. This exhibition focuses on the site of Ginninderry and its proximity to the Murrumbidgee River bringing together video, and still imagery to evoke the beauty of River Country. The work explores the relationship of the river focusing on how it connects people and places, offering a meditation on the importance of respecting the life of the river. The Murrumbidgee connects Canberra to the Murray-Darling Basin, the 3rd largest inland river system in the world and the health of this river system is critical to the wellbeing of communities, both human and non-human.

The exhibition also features the recent video “After the fires: Ode to the Murrumbidgee” which is dedicated to sound and colour healer Dian Booth and features one of her compositions, which was composed in Canberra in 2017.

Works from the exhibition are for sale with 50% of sales going to WIRES

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