Volda © Tracey M Benson || bytetime

This morning I got up really early to catch my flight to Volda. For the next week I will be co-leading a cross media workshop for Masters students with Volda University College. I am really excited to be working here and apparently we will all be staying in some remote area not far from Volda. The […]

This year is off to a great start in terms of continuing to build the connections/collaborations between art, science, environment and Indigenous knowledge in my research and creative practice. Last week I was very fortunate to receive an honorary role at the Institute of Applied Ecology at University of Canberra, as Adjunct Associate Professor until the […]

Words for water explores a diversity of languages, including Indigenous Australian languages as a starting point to evoke a connection to water as the sustaining element of all life. Indigenous cultures have an acute understanding and connection to the relationship between body, environment (site) and identity and this project seeks to awaken this connection more […]