This year is off to a great start in terms of continuing to build the connections/collaborations between art, science, environment and Indigenous knowledge in my research and creative practice.

Last week I was very fortunate to receive an honorary role at the Institute of Applied Ecology at University of Canberra, as Adjunct Associate Professor until the end of 2018.

Way of the Turtle has also been accepted for a number of forthcoming symposia,  Land Dialogues in Wagga Wagga and Balance Unbalance in Colombia (though Lee and I will be participating virtually). We will also take part in Water, Peace, Power in late January 2016 and will collaborate with Martin Drury,  Alan Giddy and Andrew Hornblow with some data from TurtleSAT (courtesy of NSW DPI and UWS).

Today also brought a nice surprise in the post – a book! Even more exciting – it is a book that includes one of my essays – about remote communities, online engagement and the digital divide. The Routledge website says:

Locating Emerging Media  focuses on the tensions between the local and global in the design, distribution, and use of emerging media forms, building on scholarship on the cultural geography of new media networks and products and the relationships between the “global” and the “local.” Authors consider new media practices, texts, services, software, policies, infrastructures, and design discourses that enrich existing relationships between creative industries and cultures of production, reception, and engagement. This consideration highlights the relationships between global and local perspectives and new media technologies and practices emerging within (and through) the geography and culture of particular places. Areas examined include East Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe, South Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Middle East. Through all is the recognition that what is new or emergent around the globe is unique in each locality.

Looking forward to reading all the other essays – this is a book I would have bought, so it is brilliant that I have a complementary copy!

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