This morning I got up really early to catch my flight to Volda. For the next week I will be co-leading a cross media workshop for Masters students with Volda University College. I am really excited to be working here and apparently we will all be staying in some remote area not far from Volda.

The workshop came about because of my cross media teaching work with University of Canberra. My colleague Stephen Barrass put me in contact with Ana Sanchez-Laws, a media artist and academic who used to work in the Faculty of Art and Design at University of Canberra.

Volda is very beautiful and the west coast is much more mountainous than Oslo and Drammen. High mountains and deep fjords was how Volda was described to me – quite an accurate description I think.

Volda © Tracey M Benson || bytetime
Volda © Tracey M Benson || bytetime

The other thing that I have noticed is there are a lot of English speakers wandering around. Given that Volda is known for being a university town, perhaps this is why. I also learnt that Volda has a strong animation community and every year they have an animation festival. Pretty good for a town with a population of about 9, 000.

In some ways the landscape is reminiscent of the Faroes, but with lots and lots of trees. Here are a some pictures of my walk around town.

It is interesting to see that some aspects of architecture are quite different to what I have seen in Drammen – for example I saw a few green walls and also noticed the slate roof tiles are quite round.

After my big walk I came back and had a much-needed nana nap 🙂

Looking forward to the workshop and more stunning landscapes…



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