This Sunday 1 September 2019, I will be leading a walk as part of Museum of Walking’s Soundwalk Sunday to celebrate the 1st Day of Spring.


Talking to Trees is a local walk around some beautiful trees in suburban Holt in the Australian Capital Territory. These trees silently watch our daily comings and goings and we often do not notice them quietly supporting our life and work through their life giving oxygen and their shade on hot summers day.

The walk will be focused on themes of close observation, deep time, mindfulness and acknowledgement of the Sacred in nature.

In the southern hemisphere, 1 September is officially the first day of spring so this work also celebrates the changes of the seasons and the emergence of new growth.

The track around Holt

Check out this AllTrails recording of the track we will cover.

The walk will be led by media artist Tracey Benson and supported by TransArts Alliance.

We will meet at the front of the IGA and go from there. Please feel free to bring cameras, smart phones and hand held devices to record the walk.

The sound element will be incorporated into an augmented reality experience available to download at the walk.

Presented as part of the international walking event Sound Walk Sunday

Maximum 20 people.

For more details and to sign up, go to the Facebook event.

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