So much has been happening these past few months, it has been a challenge to keep up.

My working life has taken a big shift, which has been a steep learning curve and exciting move into the education and technology space with the ACT Education Directorate in the Digital Strategy, Services and Transformation (DSST) branch.

The other big news is our new initiative Treecreate, which has some very ambitious goals for the future. We are a family affair, starting small to seed an online community and building networks of like minds. Our big goal is to find land to regenerate through tree planting.

Treecreate logo

Our vision is to create a place for people to come together to work towards this goal while also spending time together making art, sharing ideas and taking time out in a residency/retreat environment. We are super excited to finally bring our ideas to life and look forward to what evolves. Join us on Facebook for our regular updates and shares. You can also find @treecreate on Instagram and Twitter 🙂

Follow up from Soundwalk Sunday

On 1 September, I led a tree walk around our local suburb as part of Sound Walk Sunday. As part of this walk, I created a mediative sound work, designed for the walker to discover the local trees.

Here is the soundtrack:

Here is my blurb from the walk:

Talking to Trees is a local walk around some beautiful trees in suburban Holt in the Australian Capital Territory. These trees silently watch our daily comings and goings and we often do not notice them quietly supporting our life and work through their life giving oxygen and their shade on hot summers day.

The walk focused on themes of close observation, deep time, mindfulness and acknowledgement of the Sacred in nature.

The track around Holt

Check out this AllTrails recording of the track we covered.

Talking to Trees was presented as part of the international walking event Sound Walk Sunday

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