The last few days it has been raining so I have not ventured far from the residence. Today, the weather has been glorious, low 20s, sunny and not much wind. A great day for a wander around town.

Cute house near the Drammen Theatre
Cute house near the Drammen Theatre

Today I took a different route and headed towards the port. Close to the railway station is where a lot of migrants live and there are some great shops which are also cheap (by Norwegian standards). One store in particular is now my favourite shop, with lots of fresh fruit and veg and a vast array of Asian and Middle-Eastern food. I even found my fave Indonesian candy: Ting Ting – chewy ginger 🙂

I also discovered this wonderful antique book shop, which has some very interesting decorative features.

There is also some very cool street art around the place. Drammen Kommune in recent years has encouraged the creation of large murals and street art, enlivening some of the old factories and office buildings around town.

Here is a video produced by one of the street art collectives, UGANGprosjektet based in Drammen.

It was also nice to cross the river from a different point, which gave another perspective on the city.

With each day I learn a little more about Drammen and Norway. I can also say that my understanding of Norwegian is improving, though the same can not be said about my spoken language skills. The rolling ‘rrr’ gets me every time and in so many countries!!

The next couple of days are about more research, before I head off to Volda to work as one of the facilitators of a four-day cross-media workshop. From there I will be going to the UK to go to Balance UnBalance, where I will be showing some work from the Waters of the Past project – the beginnings of a collaboration with Josiah Jordan.

Watch this space peeps 🙂

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