This evening I had an amazing walk around the top of the Spiralen with my lovely local guides. After driving up to the top of the mountain via a tunnel in the inside of the mountain, we emerged at the top.

The Visit Norway website describe the Spiralen as:

Spiralen is a tunnel in Bragernesåsen in Drammen.

The tunnel winds up six and a half times around an axis and come out in the open air on the Spiraltoppen, where there is a restaurant and a recreational area with a view.

The place is the starting point for countless trails, including lighted trails through Drammensmarka.

What was really cool is that there is a troll about halfway up – just to remind visitors to care for the forest. It reminded me of Poo Corner on the way down Clyde Mountain at home, a site which has become more epic as the years pass.

The hill at the top of Spiralen is known as Skimtheia and it is the highest point in Drammen at about 550 metres above sea level.

Aside from the most spectacular views of Drammenselva and Drammenfjord, there was lots to discover in the Drammensmarka (forest). There are many old farm houses tucked away and if you are lucky enough, you might also find some delicious blue berries and strawberries to keep you going.

I am completely taken by the beauty of Norway – it is so green and the trees and mountains create an amazing contrast to the winding fjords and rivers.

Halfway through our walk my camera died so I guess I will have to come back another day – to meditate and sit with the trees a while. Thank you again my guides 🙂

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