Next week I will be heading off to Balance UnBalance in Phoenix, Arizona to participate in the conference and to present some new work from the Words for Water series.

My work Aotearoa Wai: Words for Water combines an augmented reality feature and a video work. It was developed when I was recently in Aotearoa New Zealand for the Water*Peace SCANZ2015 Residency.

The video footage is of the ocean and rivers in the Taranaki region. The soundscape is layered and has contributions from Vudukhild, Julieanna Preston, Jo Tito and Leah Barclay.

Aotearoa-Wai from bytetime on Vimeo.

Here are the images for the augmented reality feature:

Right now the trip still seems a long way off though I know I will be in Arizona this time next week – very excited!!

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