Documentation "Words for Water Stage 2", PhotoAccess, Canberra © Garry Benson 2014

From 16 October to 2 November 2014, I have an installation at Photoaccess in Manuka, titled Words for Water. The exhibition includes a video work and an augmented reality installation.

If you have a chance to drop in on Sunday 2 November, I am minding the gallery and will be giving an artist talk at 2pm. If you want to test out the augmented reality feature, please drop in 🙂

Here is the blurb from Photoaccess:

Tracey Benson’s ever-expanding project ‘Words for Water’ is currently showing in our multimedia gallery. Tracey uses augmented reality, video, storytelling and photography to provide pathways to engage with the power, beauty, energy and social importance of water.

Water may seem ubiquitous, but it has unique properties. At the atomic level, water influences how life and landscapes form, such as how water moves through a plant and how rivers meander around bends. Water makes up over 70 per cent of the human body; it is essential for sustaining life and has massive social and cultural significance. It is also the only chemical that can be formed in three states – vapour, liquid and solid.

To date, Tracey has collected the words used for water in close to sixty languages. This exhibition at PhotoAccess presents Stage 2 of Tracey’s project, comprising a layered video piece, and six interactive augmented-reality works, which can be animated through a smart phone.

Join Tracey on Sunday 2nd November at 2pm as she discusses her work, and her fascinating journeys through river systems around the world.

Here is a preview of the video work.

words4water-localripples from bytetime on Vimeo.

You can check out the catalogue (PDF), which provides more details about the exhibition at PhotoAccess. There is also some images from the opening by Gilbert Herrada.

Aura for Words for Water Stage II © Tracey Benson 2014

Aura for Words for Water Stage II © Tracey Benson 2014

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