SCANZ Te Mahia crew

This year I plan to be more organised and so wanted to get this post up before the dust settles on 2017 – unlike my 2016 review post which was a wee bit late, coming out in early Feb :-). As 2017 came to a close, I enjoyed some quiet time with our family, not […]

*Ignite* logo

In February 2018, I will be working with Josiah Jordan and Lee Joachim to present the very first *Ignite* workshop in Shepparton at the Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-operative RAC. This is very exciting for me as it brings together many threads in my life – media arts, education, sustainability behaviour change and love of Country. The […]

Norse cosmology from

For some reason my brain is buzzing this morning. We are a few days into the residency/journey with The Clipperton Project and I am thinking about the many different ways we experience and understand the world. The other night the participants all got together and we had sort of an ‘induction’ with the group leaders. […]

Screen shot of Ara Irititja website

Earlier in March,  I went to the Electronic Visualisation and the Arts conference at University of Canberra. There were some excellent papers, covering a range of research and practical examples of the use of data in the arts and humanities. I presented a short paper which touched on a number of case studies I have researched and engaged […]

Installing near the creek

In earlier posts about Way of the Turtle I wrote about our collaboration for Water, Peace, Power in Taranaki. During the residency, we learnt a lot from our mentors Andrew Hornblow, Nigel Helyer and Allan Giddy. We also found the conversations with the other artists very enriching. The final work combined a micro-controller (picaxe) that […]

Conversations about wai

We are currently in residence in New Plymouth for Water, Peace, Power. Over the weekend we stayed at the camp house at the base of Mt Taranaki in Egmont National Park, which was a wonderful way of introducing residents to Taranaki. Over the weekend we had a hui (meeting) which explored the themes of WPP. The […]

This year is off to a great start in terms of continuing to build the connections/collaborations between art, science, environment and Indigenous knowledge in my research and creative practice. Last week I was very fortunate to receive an honorary role at the Institute of Applied Ecology at University of Canberra, as Adjunct Associate Professor until the […]