Earlier this year I was very lucky to work with Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation to develop some augmented reality for the Yakoa-Dhungala interpretive walk at Victoria Park in Echuca.

Welcome to country - map of Yorta Yorta country
Welcome to country – map of Yorta Yorta country

Each panel has a story connected to country and features a video of an Elder talking about the topic. Scar trees, mounds and traditional water systems are examples of subjects explored in the videos.

On the weekend we headed down to Echuca to test the work. Damian Bulled Morgan, the acting CEO of YYNAC joined us to check out the walk.

If you want to check out how the AR works, choose one of the images below, load up Aurasma, follow the Yorta Yorta channel and you should be good to go 🙂

Even better – get yourself to Victoria Park and do the walk. Echuca is a very cute town and the more time I spend in river country the more I love this landscape of river gums and snaking waterways that is Yorta Yorta country.

A big thanks to all the Elders who starred in the videos and to YYNAC for initiating the project. Also a big thanks the videographer, Yorta Yorta woman Rachael Stewart, graphic designer Cheryl Clark and Shari Dean from Murray Regional Tourism.

This project was supported by Murray Regional Tourism.

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