Today has been a long day. I started my journey from Oslo, flying into Gatwick Airport and then catching the train to Plymouth, the host city for Balance UnBalance 2017. I am really looking forward to the next few days full of conversations, art, contemplation and action.

I have participated in the last two BunB events – in 2015 I showed Aotearoa Wai in Phoenix and in 2016, Lee Joachim and I participated virtually – presenting our collaborative project Way of the Turtle.

This year I am also presenting some new work, the next iteration in the Waters of the Past project. There are two components – a video installation and a virtual project which is a map that people can add to.

The video installation is part of a project titled Waters of the Past: Walking with the Ancients and is a collaboration with Josiah Jordan. I wrote a little bit about our project earlier this month – check out DNA Music and Virtual Reality. Josiah has made an incredibly beautiful piece of music from my DNA and I have incorporated it into some video.

Here it is on vimeo:

JourneyDNA-BuB from bytetime on Vimeo.

More documentation of Balance UnBalance is coming 🙂

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