In this day and age of multiple platforms, power users and engaged audiences, it is critical as a professional to have a strong and consistent presence online. Whether you are an artist, researcher, scientist or an academic, there are many benefits in being easily found on the interwebs.

In terms of my own profile, I am interested in a model of ‘continuous improvement’ as I have had an online presence since 1996, with many and varied profiles around the place. Some of these have caused a headache in the past: e.g see my posts Confessions of an online hoarder and More confessions of an online hoarder which detail my love of gathering information and creating new ways of sharing online content.

In another of my posts, Shortcuts to social media savvy, I talked about the need to streamline and consolidate your online identity, as well as ways of promoting your work and engaging with like minds.

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Recently, I came across a very interesting post that focused on creating an maintaining an online identity as an academic. The article, How to Curate Your Digital Identity as an Academic by Kelli Marshall provides some very practical advice about making an impact online. Strategies include building online networks, creating profiles and websites ensuring your biography and CV are easily available to audiences.

One area where I could improve is by having a consistent image or avatar across channels, but I deliberately avoid such uniformity. I use different channels for different reasons, personal and professional, so it seems to make sense to keep some diversity. That said, I could still consolidate some elements and perhaps update my avatar. As long as my profiles do synch up and link to each other where necessary  I am happy, and given the current Google ranking for my name I think my approach is working OK.

If you are seeking to improve or create your online identity you can contact me and I can help you create an accessible and strategic approach to becoming more visible and findable online.

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