In an earlier post Cross-media Challenges, I discussed some of the issues I have experienced trying to align my online channels. That post focused on my ever-growing list of Web2.0 platforms/channels, with some platforms having multiple identities. I am not sure where this need to collect stuff has come from, but I think of it as a form of hoarding.

I hoard lots of things from online sources: my bookmarks are almost impossible to negotiate, my reading list is burgeoning and my hard drive groaning. But what sort of things do I collect? Articles, images, blogs, apps – you name it. Amongst all of this mess there are some stand out favourites, and I would like to share one in particular with you.

BrainPickings has got to be one of my most shared sites. I am ceaselessly amazed at the breadth of information and research on this site – all about ‘interestingness’. It’s founder Maria Popova has unwavering dedication to this project, reflected in the content and millions of dedicated fans. She is also very generous with her insights, reflected in this post Happy Birthday, Brain Pickings: 7 Things I Learned in 7 Years of Reading, Writing, and Living

Here are some of my all time favourites:

I would love to list much more from this site, but I will let you discover this wunderkammer for yourself 🙂

Perhaps I should stop there…

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