Today a number of interesting discussions and presentations took place. My documentation is quite minimal as I was also involved in one of the panels. by Audrey Samson by Audrey Samson

The first discussion was titled Data funerals and featured Julian Priest and Audrey Samson (ideacritik) who are two Artists whose work seeks to relieve us of data overload: reflecting this conversation was Dr Ruth Irwin. Both projects were very interesting. Audrey’s project looked at the cleaning of data and Julian talked about how he sent some data to space. There were some very interesting synergies about the deleting of data that related to the death of the physical body and memorialising the  data of people who has passed on.

In the next panel, Panel Four: Performing the city I presented a talk about my project, which is documented in this blog post looking at interconnections across time, place and space. I was joined by Becca Wood who spoke about her project Choreoauratics and Carol Brown and Russell Scoones who presented a talk titled Rituals of Place and Sound, which looked at a number of their works which focused on the cityscape. Dan Dixon was our chair and led a very interesting discussion about the audience and the city.

Now the panel is finished, I have some time to enjoy the other talks. There were some great projects and provocations in the Do-Tell Presentations, which covered a broad range of topics and was an open mic session for artists.

Ian Clothier (SCANZ ) kicked of the session and presented a very interesting talk which looked at the forthcoming SCANZ2015, the work of this interdisciplinary organisation and the challenge to publicly fund organisations which focus on creative interactions with the environment and climate related issues.

Sound Sky: A contributory art project for Christchurch
Sound Sky: A contributory art project for Christchurch

Then we had a talk by Trudy Lane, who is running the 2014 ADA Artists Tour with Halsey Burgund focusing on the  collaborative project Sound Sky . Trudy talked about this project and the iOS app that has been developed, which is live – Roundware. Trudy talked about the rebuild of Christchurch and the project is a 10 year project which will hopefully feed into the creative present and future of Christchurch. Audio stories are focused on a number of themes. FESTA is an event planned later in the year. Future scenarios are being developed for the project and it is seen to develop over time. Here is an overview:

Sound Sky ( is a new geo-located audio work envisioned for Christchurch, which emerged out of discussions of memory, place and the CEISMIC archive at the first ADA Mesh Cities gathering. Partnerships have since formed with the organisations CEISMIC, Gap Filler, and the Cantabrian Society for Sonic Artists (CSSA), allowing the project to take a long-term, localised and collaborative approach. Contributed voices of the public of Christchurch— recalling histories, reflecting on today and planting hopes and dreams for the future — are the raw materials of the work, which is to be combined with a musical score. It is a large-scale project, which will benefit from widespread participation and community adoption.

Adam Ben Dror also presented some very interesting projects. The one I thought was wonderful is titled The Above Marine, which is a tool creating the ability for his pet fish to move his bowl by swimming in any particular direction.


Here is a cool video about the work.

The following speaker I didn’t catch the name of, but he is a young student at AUT, who is working with Hemp and 3D printing for manufacturing. It is biodegradable and a very interesting field of research. He recommended that people look at Jack Herer’s The Emperor Wears No Clothes: Hemp and the Marijuana Conspiracy for a background to his research.

There were a number of other talks which were very good, but I didn’t get a chance to document the projects.

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