Documentation of "Finding the Ghosts of K Road" © Tracey Benson 2014

Well, very happy to say I have presented my work today and I think it went really well, thanks to the great tour guide Edward Bennett and the participants, who took the time to get out into a wet Auckland afternoon to discover some of the lost moments of K Road. Here are some images […]

Walking Backwards into the Future Augmented Reality in Dragør, Amager, Copenhagen, by Tracey Benson Related posts The Auras: Walking Backwards to the Future. You can also see the historic images in this article about the tour. Proposal for Mapping Amager and Sharing Copenhagen: AR guided tour and presentation Walking backwards to find the future combines a […]

Documentation of "Finding the Ghosts of K Road" © Tracey Benson 2014

This article documents the waypoints of the tour of Karangahape Road titled Finding the Ghosts of K Road being presented as part of the ADA Mesh Cities Symposium in Auckland in September 2014. You don’t have to be in Auckland to experience this work. You can also use the app with the landmark building images in this […]

Karangahape Road, Auckland 1909

Overview Finding the Ghosts of K Road was a project produced for ADA Mesh Cities, Auckland 2014. Local K Road historian Edward Bennett also contributed significantly to this work and donated his time to guide the walk and assist Tracey’s research leading up to ADA Mesh Cities. There are a number of posts that discuss, […]

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Welcome to Walks of absent memory, a project designed for ADA Mesh Cities. This project is by Tracey Benson and explores past and present Dunedin. The work is a literal walk around a central area of Dunedin, where participants can discover some ghostly relics of buildings. This is achieved by downloading…