In between the walks at the Cork Oak forest with Localjinni, it was great to facilitate another Treecreative walkshop at Ginninderry Conservation Corridor.

One of the Shinrin Yoku artists Nicole Voevodin-Cash came along with her billy cans which was a lot of fun. At the end of the walk some of us had some beautiful billy can drawings, or as Nicole describes them – our ultimate selfies!

What was also wonderful was how everyone engaged with my favourite tree – a White Box Elder overlooking the valley and the mighty Murrumbidgee – which was in full flow ❤

Here are some images from the walk.

Big thanks to Nicole for sharing some of her pictures and a massive thank you to Rachel for being our conservation guide and to Ange for your support. Much appreciate to the Ginninderry Conservation Trust for supporting these walkshops ❤

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