Arboretum – a collaborative locative media project from the Supercluster Locative Media Summer School.

#walkingarts #wld2020


Over the past two weeks, our founder Tracey has been participating in the Locative Media Summer School hosted by King’s College London in collaboration with Supercluster. It was a very inspiring time where the participants worked in teams to create a locative media work using the open source CGeoMap tool. Her team, the Orange Team were an international group of amazing multi-talents including Anne Versailles (BE), Elspeth (Billie) Penfold (UK), Fay Stevens (UK), Hira Sheikh (AU) and Joan Kelly (AU). These diverse alignments seeded rich collaborative process, manifesting as Arboretum. It was such an enriching process that the group has agreed to continue working together as the Arboretum Collective.

About Arboretum
The Arboretum Collective was established through a collaborative project with the Locative Media Summer School, hosted by King’s College in London in July 2020. The collective brings together artists, social scientists, writers, curators, archaeologists and technologists from Australia…

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