This year, I am creating a local walk as part of the Urban Tree Festival (16 – 24 May 2020), which is usually hosted in London. This year as a result of COVID-19, the festival is going to be online.

My walk is along Ginninderra Creek, our local waterway. Over the next month, I will be sharing information about the local plants and animals discovered along this scenic walk.

Urban Tree Walks - Ginninderra Creek track from View Ranger
Urban Tree Walks – Ginninderra Creek track from View Ranger

Here is a link to the presentation – the full audio will be available soon.

This project will be a documentation of a local walk which I have taken on an almost daily basis since the outbreak of COVID 19. the focus is on the details of local trees, many of which are native species to the region. I will use a combination of an app for recording the route and capturing sound and image and follow the same path, focusing on different details each day during the project. for example, different parts of the tree, different species, the creatures that inhabit the trees and the weather.

View Ranger
I’m sharing my #Walking trip with you. Total distance 1.81 km, . Via @ViewRanger

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