On Sunday 22 March at 2pm a synchronised walk happened across the globe titled Landlinks, initiated by Groundworks. In short, the project is about artists taking simultaneous but geographically separated walks. The routes were recorded using ViewRanger and noting the stopping places using what3words.

The aim of our Landlinks project is to avoid ‘attachment’ to subjects that are ‘interesting’, ‘Beautiful, Sublime or Picturesque’; to let go of the desire to find the definitive subject and to leave that choice to chance.

If where you stop happens to have a subject that is ‘interesting’, ‘Beautiful, Sublime or Picturesque’ that’s fine. But please don’t make a conscious effort and walk more than 5 metres from your stopping point to find it.

Artists are asked to produce works (including works in progress) that will focus on a randomly chosen stopping points according to various ‘prompt’ words.

Documentation of the walks from all the walking artists will be compiled into an exhibition for later in 2020.

Here is a slide show of my images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My short walk explored parts of Hyde Park in Sydney – here is the link to the walk in View Ranger. This walk was a saunter around the trees, taking some time to look closely at some of the small things…

Here is a screenshot from View Ranger.

Hyde Park | Groundworks
Hyde Park | Groundworks

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