One of the wonderful things about the Made of Walking gatherings (which I am sure to have mentioned) is the richness of the conversations which emerge about walking.

One of the other things I love is the potential for spontaneity. Yesterday was a brilliant example.

After participating in a workshop led by Jen Martin (who recorded my dugong story last year), a group of us ended up having an adventure.

Jen’s workshop looked at pacing and exploring our ability to maintain our natural walking pace while recording questions that relate to our creative practice.

The questions focused on our personal creative motivations and blockages. After the walk we were invited to share. I loved that Jen left it open for us to contribute – also encouraging participants to respond in their own languages and forms of expression.

After a post workshop conversation and lunch a group of headed to the lake for a swim followed by a delicious feast in a local taverna.

We are made of walking, swimming, sun and moussaka. This is what life is about – appreciation of good company and the small pleasures of life ♡

Event details: In the frame of WAC – Walking encounters/conference in Prespes Greece, July 1-7 2019. 30.06 > 07.07.2019. Walking Arts Encounters Conference, Prespes, Greece. Department of Fine and Applied Arts of the University of Western Macedonia and Made of Walking (V) / the Milena Principle.

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