After several days stuck inside and working with screens, it was time to head out for an adventure.

I was intrigued by Lillehammer as it seemed to be a very dramatic landscape from the pictures I have seen. Last year we got hooked on a TV show of the same name and it was a place I wanted to explore. There is also a 12th Century Stave church in the open air museum – Maihaugen which was a good reason for taking the 3 hour journey.

Those of you who know me well, know that I love a good road trip. What is also enjoyable is a train ride – except you can’t jump on and off when you need some fresh air.

My first impression is that it is much more focused on tourism than Drammen – with the main street lined with many shops and cafes. It is also very picturesque and I loved the colourful houses. Here are some pictures from around town.

I arrived quite late at the Maihaugen and they kindly let me for child’s price as I only had an hour. That was more than enough time to soak up the ambience of the stave church and surrounds. I even got some 360 camera footage which I will share at a later point.

When I got back to Drammen I went straight to my favorite restaurant – the Cappadocia Restaurant – made short work of my dinner – must have needed a good feed after my big adventure 🙂

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