At the moment some of my AR work is being presented as part of group exhibition with dLux Media Arts at the Gold Coast City Gallery.

From the Gold Coast City Gallery website

Making the most of the exceptional public spaces in the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct, Gold Coast City Gallery presents the next series of digital artworks inUnSeenGC Summer 16-17, a dLux Media Arts touring exhibition. The exhibition is a mobile 3D augmented reality (AR) art experience, designed to introduce the Gold Coast community and our city’s visitors to some of the world’s best in AR art.

In an experience on par with leading international cultural offerings, UnSeenGC Summer 16-17 consists of virtual artworks positioned around the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct. Invisible to the naked eye, virtual objects, images, and video are discovered by looking through a smartphone or tablet. Utilising the technologies of image recognition, artworks appear on screen as visitors move around the Cultural Precinct, pointing their cameras at an assortment of images and signs throughout the environment, augmenting the physical environment with the virtual digital artwork

UnSeenGC Summer 16-17 exhibition features artworks by five prominent national digital artists; Andrew Burrell, Josh Harle, Tracey M Benson, Pamela Lee Brenner and Johannes Muljana.

I was really excited to be invited to take part in this project as it was a great opportunity to explore my Waters of the Past project in a context directly related to my family connections to the coastal areas of South East Queensland.

The project uses Aurasma and you can view the AR by following the unseengc channel. Here are some instructions.

How to view AR works with Aurasma
How to view AR works with Aurasma


About my project
Title: Four Generations at the Coast : Waters of the Past, 2016

Medium: Video, Digitised Photographs and Augmented Reality

Artist statement
This series of works builds on my ongoing interest in family, memory and place. The photographs span four generations of family holidays by the sea, primarily on Queensland’s Gold and Sunshine Coasts.
As as child I remember going to Kirra, Coolangatta and Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast and Bribie Island, King’s and Bullock Beaches at Caloundra. The coast meant holidays and connecting with family and is very much part of the psyche of the South East Queenslander, even today. These journeys to the coast shaped my love of the Australian landscape and of journeying – even the road trip was part of the fun.
These photographs span over 70 years and during that time a lot of change and development has happened. Regardless of these changes what remains for my family and myself is a love of the coastal life as it symbolises fun, relaxation and connecting with nature.

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