For the past week we have stayed in Sawtell on the New South Wales mid north coast. We really love this little seaside village, and I have written about it in the past.

Although I have had to do some work from the remote office, I have also had the joy of seeing a number of sunrises at the beach, which is my idea of heaven. This morning I took this short time-lapse of the early morning activity along the main part of the beach. What you can’t see in the video is the large pod of dolphins that were frolicking behind the waves.

Sawtell Beach from bytetime on Vimeo.

I also found some lovely stones while beach combing, which inspired me to create a new set of runes. The runes were then offered back to the sea as a means of completing a cycle. It was very good to make some time to think more about the Waters of the Past project and to spend some time making.

Some of the runes that were offered back to the sea did come back to me. With the incoming waves I found some other stones to make some more runes. The stones that came back to me felt like gifts from the sea. It has become somewhat of a ritual finding stones for runes as I only take ones that ‘feel’ right, or are offered to me (if that makes sense).

When I started working with the stones in Iceland I would scratch the symbol onto the stone with another stone. This process, while organic on the one hand, was very hit and miss on the other as my hand could slip or the stone would need to be scratched many times to make an imprint. Today though, that all changed. My darling husband Marty bought me an engraver from the hardware shop. It is fantastic – I am very happy with the initial results.

New Runes from the sea
New Runes from the sea

Tomorrow we are heading back to CBR, full of new ideas and energy. Got to love the healing energy of the ocean. Best medicine in the world!

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