At the moment there is some great work on at the Belconnen Arts Centre, celebrating 50 +50,000 years  of Belco.

The Belconnen Traces exhibition has over 130 artworks on A5, contributed from people from the Belco community. I have a work which reflects on the European understanding of the landscape – referencing a work from 1832 by Robert Hoddle.

The mountain views, now and then
The mountains: now and then, Tracey Benson 2016

The other exhibition worth seeing is the Map Project: where I Live, which is a beautiful collaborative textile project.

See...The Land is Dancing, Julie Armstrong, 2016
See…The Land is Dancing, Julie Armstrong, 2016

Project Statement (from Belconnen Arts Centre website)

The Map Project was conceived by Istra Toner, glass artist and painter, together with groups of artists from several different countries. The project is a response to our desire to describe visually our experience of the place we call our home. The challenge was to create collaborative maps using textiles as the material of choice. The first exhibition of the project was in Spring 2014; the maps have since travelled to participating partner countries.

The Map Project website

Both of these shows are on until the 6th November.

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm
Emu Park, Belconnen.

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