Over the past week there has been some good progress on the project for the Living Green Festival. Last weekend I posted a blog about the eco-dyeing process and the coding work that Paul Murray had done for me with the LEDs. I promised in the blog that I would aim for a prototype this week and so thought I should share where things are at.

On Tuesday, Paul gave me some lights to test  – I really like how they are working. They definitely evoke a feeling of the water ebbing and flowing. What is also really neat is that he also made a little controller so I can change the speed and the brightness of the lights which is great for adjusting how the work could be displayed in different spaces.

A bit later in the week I asked my friends on Facebook if anyone could help me with loaning me a sewing machine. I had a number of replies which was really great! In the end, a local friend Emily helped me out. I am constantly amazed by the generosity of friends and local community networks to share their skills and tools. So appreciated!!

The sewing bit was a bit of a challenge. I don’t think I ever quite recovered from the feedback from my Year 8 Home Ec teacher which went along the lines of “Tracey, you are not in the Bathurst 500, the pedal is not an accelerator!” That said, with a little help from YouTube, I was on my way  🙂

After sewing up the shapes so I can stuff them with bubble wrap and the lights, I tested one of them  – quite happy with the results so far.

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