The other day I went and had my portrait taken at Mink Viking Portrait Studio in downtown Reykjavik, owned by Gudmann. It was one of the few tourist activities I have indulged in while doing an artist residency with SIM – and one which was totally worthwhile.

While I was there I had a really interesting chat with the photographer, Hafsteinn, who is also an artist and has designed his own set of tarot cards.

The studio itself was full of very interesting objects, including lots esoteric books, references to shamanism and Viking paraphernalia. I was thought it was so interesting, I asked if I could come back and take some photos. Hafsteinn kindly agreed and so yesterday I returned to document the space. Check these out.

I brought along my runes and ‘staged’ them in the studio – they do look like they belong here 🙂

What I didn’t realise until yesterday is that the studio has had some very famous Viking visitors – none other than Rollo. Cool eh!

Gudmann with Rollo (Clive Standen)
Gudmann with Rollo (Clive Standen), photo from 

Thank you Mink for allowing me the opportunity to explore and act out my inner Viking persona – now I just have to remember the instructions to ‘look fierce’ when needed.

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